As a Nefarious Media Agent…

(Another “so I can refer back to it later” post)

Every so often I get an email telling me that as a member of the media I have responsibilities. I need to get rid of the clear bias in my books. I’m having trouble figuring out what those biases are, though, as I’ve been told . . . → Read More: As a Nefarious Media Agent…

Sponsorships on “Httpd and Relayd Mastery” available

By somewhat popular demand (“popular” means “more than one person has asked for it,” right?), I’m now offering sponsorships on the OpenBSD httpd and relayd book.

Print sponsors get their name in the print and ebook versions of the book.

Ebook sponsors get their name in the electronic versions.

Sponsors can access the in-progress manuscript, . . . → Read More: Sponsorships on “Httpd and Relayd Mastery” available

Relayd Auction Results

Bill Allaire wins, with a bid of $1300.

Bill also won the first copy of the second edition of Absolute OpenBSD. The one that got signed and annotated by a bunch of developers.

Bill, send in your donation and send me your receipt, so I can proceed to kick you in the teeth.

2017 presentation proposals

I have my usual two annual events that I speak at coming up: BSDCan and Penguicon. I have ideas on what to submit, but thought I’d see if anyone had something they’d like me to present. Things that I can present, that is.

For BSDCan, I’m pondering between a talk on OpenBSD’s web stack (httpd, . . . → Read More: 2017 presentation proposals

Tuckerization Auction Non-Bid Comments Here

If you want to comment on the auction without making a bid, you can make those comments on this post.

Get your name in the relayd book

(note: comments that are not bids will be deleted. The next post is for meta-comments.)

There’s a long tradition amongst science fiction writers of selling bit parts in books in exchange for charity donations. It’s called tuckerization.

I see no reason why science fiction writers should have all the fun.

I need a sample user . . . → Read More: Get your name in the relayd book

A Christmas Wish (List) Gone Wrong

My wife’s family are nice people. They’ve kind of gotten used to me hanging around. It’s been over a quarter century, I guess you can eventually get used to anything.

My sister-in-law, DR, and her family always get me a gift at Christmas. It’s usually something practical and clearly well-intended, if not something I’d pick . . . → Read More: A Christmas Wish (List) Gone Wrong

MWL’s 2016 wrap-up

The year-end post is an Internet tradition. Being naturally conservative, who am I to buck tradition?

It’s a couple days early, but I’m going to go out on a limb here: the list of people 2016 killed does not include me. Yet. (Dear 2016, this is not a challenge. I would not dream of questioning . . . → Read More: MWL’s 2016 wrap-up

Reddit advertising of “PAM Mastery”

I spent $25 on a Reddit ad that ran for the last week, for PAM Mastery. The ad (Pluggable Authentication Modules: Threat or Menace?) appeared in /r/CentOS, /r/Ubuntu, /r/sysadmin, /r/unix, /r/freebsd, /r/linux, /r/BSD, and /r/debian.

So what did I get for that?

62,521 impressions. 215 clicks through to the ad. 89 click-throughs to the book . . . → Read More: Reddit advertising of “PAM Mastery”

Reviews and Murder

First, an independent review of PAM Mastery, from nixCraft. The book took bloody forever to write, but from the reviewer’s comments like “Once again Michael W Lucas nailed it,” apparently the end result was decent.

Not sucking is good. I like not sucking.

Next up: something I can see myself linking back to in the . . . → Read More: Reviews and Murder