“Forever Falls” novella print and ebook

I posted this elsewhere, but now that it’s in print I should mention it here:

I have a new Montague Portal novella out, Forever Falls, in both print and ebook.

There’s no grounds for murder.

There’s no ground at all.

The people exploring and exploiting alien universes risk everything—including their lives.But Devin Gupper’s death makes . . . → Read More: “Forever Falls” novella print and ebook

“Tarsnap Mastery” print out!

You can get the print version of Tarsnap Mastery from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. Other Amazon sites will have it shortly.

In about 6 weeks the book will percolate through the Ingram catalog, which means that sites like Powells and B&N will have it.

“Tarsnap Mastery” ebook out

The ebook of Tarsnap Mastery is now on Amazon, iBooks, and Kobo. All DRM-free, of course.

I’m working on the print version this week.

Once I have the print version available, the 3-format ebook bundle will be available from www.tiltedwindmillpress.com


The Sunday Morning Linux Review did a very long and thorough review of Networking for Systems Administrators in episode 145.

Seems they liked it.

The rest of the podcast is interesting and amusing–as SMLR is.

BSDCan proposals and rejections

This year, BSDCan passed a critical threshold: we got too many good proposals. As a conference, this is an excellent problem to have. As a concom member, it kind of sucks. When your papers are mostly excellent, how do you decide which proposals to take and which to reject?

What follows is my highly personal . . . → Read More: BSDCan proposals and rejections

n4sa Print Sneaking Out

The print version of Networking for Systems Administrators is starting to appear for purchase on Amazon’s web site.

n4sa US n4sa UK

Other Amazon sites should appear shortly.

Amazon has not yet performed their usual discounting. Usually, if you order a brand-new book they’ll retroactively drop the price. But not always. I’d tell you to . . . → Read More: n4sa Print Sneaking Out

FMSE Chapter 10 available for free

The FreeBSD Mastery: Storage Essentials page now offers Chapter 10: SMART, as a sample.

I think this is the shortest blog post I’ve ever done, but… hmm… nope, that’s it. If you’re dubious on the book, here’s how you can try it for free. Have a nice day.

Testing Reddit Advertising for Nonfiction

The biggest boost in book sales I’ve ever seen is from when the review of FMSE went on Reddit’s sysadmin board.

Reddit has a self-serve advertising platform, with a minimum buy of $5 for 5000 impressions. I’m willing to risk $5 on an experiment.

So I now have a sponsored link on Reddit, pimping Sudo . . . → Read More: Testing Reddit Advertising for Nonfiction

“Networking for Systems Administrators” on Kindle

After more time than I expected, Networking for Systems Administrators is available on Kindle. I’ve uploaded it to Nook and Kobo as well, but they haven’t made it available yet.

The Amazon links on the book page are affiliate links. If you buy through them, I make a little extra.

I’m working on the print . . . → Read More: “Networking for Systems Administrators” on Kindle

Word doc placed in Indesign gets numbered headings

This has bit me more than once, and according to Google it affects nobody else on the whole Internet. Do I feel special or what?

I write books in Microsoft Word, using Styles. Paragraph and character styles are essential for producing electronic and print books.

At random times, when I import a Word doc into . . . → Read More: Word doc placed in Indesign gets numbered headings