Absolute OpenBSD pre-orders now available

No Starch Press now has pre-orders for new Absolute OpenBSD. Order direct from the publisher, and get both the ebook and the paper for one price. If you use the coupon code ILUVMICHAEL you’ll get a discount, and I get a commission on the sale. (Bolded 20130207 because more than one person has said they missed that line.) If you use another coupon code, I still get paid, but not as much. I’m not deeply concerned which way you buy it, so long as you buy it.

Here’s the cover of the new edition. It incorporates art from the first edition, plus a new background.AO2e Cover

On a vaguely related note, I recently saw a link to my blog from a Chinese Unix users message board. Curious, I asked Google Translate what it said. It’s a discussion of the new book, which is awesome. Slightly worrying, though, is that in the translation they repeatedly refer to me as “Great God Lucas” or some variant thereof. I’m hoping that this is an artifact of translation, or some cultural thing I was previously unaware of.

Otherwise, it would seem that I have a cult of worshippers in China, and that I must learn Chinese in order to issue my commands.

Even more tangentially, links within a translated page take you to a translated version of that page. That’s pretty cool.

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