“Sudo Mastery” ebook widely available, and acknowledgements

At long last, Sudo Mastery is now available in ebook form on most platforms.

You can get it at my bookstore or Amazon.

It’s also available at Smashwords, but Smashwords doesn’t support footnotes. They do support a workaround that puts all footnotes together at the end of a chapter or the end of the book, but it’ll take some work on my part to make that happen.

It’s not at Barnes & Noble yet, because their new Nook Press application completely mangled the book’s formatting. As I sell an average of one book a month through B&N, I’m seriously considering not having the book there.

Print will come some time in November.

I appreciate all the people who helped me write this book. So, in that spirit, here are the acknowledgements.

I want to thank the folks who reviewed the manuscript for Sudo Mastery before publication: Bryan Irvine, JR Aquino, Hugh Brown, and Avigdor Finkelstein. Special thanks are due to Todd Miller, the current primary developer of sudo, who was very patient and helpful when answering my daft questions.

While I appreciate my technical reviewers, no errors in this book are their fault. All errors are my responsibility. Mine, do you hear me? You reviewers want blame for errors? Go make your own.

XKCD fans should note that the author does not particularly enjoy sandwiches. However, Miod Vallat, currently exiled to France, would really like a sandwich with nice fresh bread, really good mustard, and low-carb ground glass and rusty nails. And Bryan Irvine would like a rueben.

This book was written while listening obsessively to Assemblage 23.

Now, to finish writing my big 2013 fiction project before the end of the year…

11 comments to “Sudo Mastery” ebook widely available, and acknowledgements

  • James

    Amazon won’t let me purchase Sudo Mastery directly from my Kindle, I keep getting an error. I haven’t contacted Amazon yet, but you may want to have them look into this if you have a contact on the inside. I’ll try purchasing from amazon.com tonight and see if it will work and auto-deliver to my device.

  • James, thanks for letting me know. Going by your IP I’m assuming you’re using the US store. Only one person has bought the book on Kindle in the US, this might be why. I’ll try it myself tonight.

  • James

    You are correct, I’m actually just up the road from you in Ann Arbor.

  • BTW, I’ll be at http://www.mug.org/ in a couple weeks, not far from AA. Come on by! And thanks for the report.

  • James

    Final update. I was able to purchase Sudo Mastery from my Kindle just now. So the problem I was having seems to have been resolved.

  • Excellent. I suspect Amazon needed to let something propagate through their internal system. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Ignacio Cristerna

    Good day, sir.

    What happens to the draft buyers? Do we get an upgrade?

    At any rate, outstanding work, as always.

  • Ignacio, all draft buyers get access to the completed book. Log into the web site, it should be available for download. Let me know if you have trouble.

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