Relayd Auction Results

Bill Allaire wins, with a bid of $1300.

Bill also won the first copy of the second edition of Absolute OpenBSD. The one that got signed and annotated by a bunch of developers.

Bill, send in your donation and send me your receipt, so I can proceed to kick you in the teeth.

2017 presentation proposals

I have my usual two annual events that I speak at coming up: BSDCan and Penguicon. I have ideas on what to submit, but thought I’d see if anyone had something they’d like me to present. Things that I can present, that is.

For BSDCan, I’m pondering between a talk on OpenBSD’s web stack (httpd, . . . → Read More: 2017 presentation proposals

Get your name in the relayd book

(note: comments that are not bids will be deleted. The next post is for meta-comments.)

There’s a long tradition amongst science fiction writers of selling bit parts in books in exchange for charity donations. It’s called tuckerization.

I see no reason why science fiction writers should have all the fun.

I need a sample user . . . → Read More: Get your name in the relayd book

See Me in 2016

I have two more public appearances in 2016.

October 7-8, I’ll be at Ohio LinuxFest. They’ve asked me to speak on Introducing ZFS.

November 8, has invited me to talk about PAM. This is election day in the United States, so the talk is on how PAM is Un-American.

Sadly, family commitments prevent me . . . → Read More: See Me in 2016

Cover reveal for “PAM Mastery”

For the first Tilted Windmill Press tech books, I elected to create covers from photographs. Some went over well, some less so.

For the FreeBSD Mastery books, I persuaded Eddie Sharam to create parodies of classic art. It’s far more expensive than photos, but reaction has been positive.

PAM Mastery is almost ready to go . . . → Read More: Cover reveal for “PAM Mastery”

My BSDCan “OpenPAM & BSD” talk

My BSDCan 2016 talk on OpenPAM and BSD is now on YouTube.

The video comes straight from screen capture, which means it’s missing details like the green dot of the laser pointer.

Also, the audio only covers my voice. You don’t get all the audience interaction. Sadly, I forgot to repeat audience questions at . . . → Read More: My BSDCan “OpenPAM & BSD” talk

FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS (Version canadienne)

I’ve wondered for a while what to do about Allan Jude.

Allan is my co-author on FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS and FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS. I could have written those books on my own, but they wouldn’t have been nearly as good.

We have had one major disagreement, though: is it pronounced zee-F-S or zed-F-S? This . . . → Read More: FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS (Version canadienne)

BSDCan Intro Session Volunteers Wanted

A person’s first visit to a particular tech con can be overwhelming. BSDCan is now having an introductory session for new attendees, to try to ease them into the event. Somehow, I’m running it.

From 6-9 PM on Thursday night I’ll be in DMS 1160 to greet new BSDCan attendees and discuss how the conference . . . → Read More: BSDCan Intro Session Volunteers Wanted

My FreeBSD story

I’ve posted the story of why I like OpenBSD elsewhere on this blog. It made a fine conclusion to the new Absolute OpenBSD.

The FreeBSD foundation finally convinced me to write a similar tale for FreeBSD. You can find it on the Foundation blog.

It involves monkeys.

(First post in a while? Yep. I’ve been . . . → Read More: My FreeBSD story

Penguicon 2016 Lucas Track Schedule

While the folks at Penguicon reserve the right to change the schedule at any time, we’re close enough to the con that I’m comfortable releasing my talks and panel schedule. This is extracted from the official Penguicon descriptions. and schedule.

Friday, 30 29 April:

6 PM – Social Media for Writers (panelist) – Hamlin What . . . → Read More: Penguicon 2016 Lucas Track Schedule