Tarsnap talk on-line

My 20-minute Tarsnap talk at mug.org turned out to be more like 40 minutes. It’s now available at YouTube.

Or, just watch it below.

WordPress versus FreeBSD

I recently migrated my web site to a new FreeBSD install, configured so I could use ZFS boot environments. This upgrade crossed FreeBSD versions (10.0->10.1), filesystems (UFS -> ZFS), and PHP versions (5.5 -> 5.6).

And my WordPress pointy-clicky upgrades stopped working. Every time I ran an upgrade, the web gui hung with:

Updating Plugin . . . → Read More: WordPress versus FreeBSD

n4sa Print Sneaking Out

The print version of Networking for Systems Administrators is starting to appear for purchase on Amazon’s web site.

n4sa US n4sa UK

Other Amazon sites should appear shortly.

Amazon has not yet performed their usual discounting. Usually, if you order a brand-new book they’ll retroactively drop the price. But not always. I’d tell you to . . . → Read More: n4sa Print Sneaking Out

FreeBSD Jail Management Tools

To design “FreeBSD Mastery: Jails” I need to look at the existing jail management tools. Jails have been around about fifteen years now, and FreeBSD has accumulated a whole bunch of wrappers and supporting tools. Many of these have wound up in the ports collection.

Jails have evolved over the years. Some of these add-on . . . → Read More: FreeBSD Jail Management Tools

Sudo talk now on YouTube

My talk Sudo: You’re Doing It Wrong is now live on YouTube. (Thanks to TJ for letting me know.) The talk is based on my book Sudo Mastery.

This talk went better than my NYCBSDCon talk. Probably because I hadn’t confused “buzzing with caffeine, adrenaline, and sleeplessness” with “raging tonsilitis.” The Q&A at the . . . → Read More: Sudo talk now on YouTube

Sudo talk at mug.org, 9 Dec 2014

I’ll be talking at mug.org in Farmington Hills, MI, on 9 December 2014.

The topic is Sudo: You’re Doing It Wrong. If you use sudo, you need to show up for this. Because you’re doing it wrong. It’s based on Sudo Mastery, as you might guess.

Come to mug.org. They have cookies.

They usually record . . . → Read More: Sudo talk at mug.org, 9 Dec 2014

FreeBSD “Working copy ‘/usr/src’ locked.”

Poul-Henning Kamp is working with me on some GBDE fixes. Which means he sends me patches and says “Here, try this,” along with very valuable exposition on how GBDE works and the threat model it applies to. This means I’m updating frequently.

My usual update process is:

# cd /usr/src # make update && make . . . → Read More: FreeBSD “Working copy ‘/usr/src’ locked.”

Next Project: “Networking for Sysadmins”

FreeBSD Mastery: Storage Essentials is out for tech review. (If you’re reading the pre-pub book, you’ve got a few more days to get comments back to me.) I’ll then make the corrections and send it to copyediting.

So I’m writing another book.

The current title is Networking for System Administrators. (I’d like to work the . . . → Read More: Next Project: “Networking for Sysadmins”

Revoked and Replaced OpenPGP Key

I uploaded a GPG key to subkeys.pgp.net back in 2005. It’s well past time for me to replace it. I covered creating your revocation certificate back in PGP & GPG, but didn’t actually write about using that revocation certificate. Nine years later… yeah, I better figure this out.

So Io to the machine with my . . . → Read More: Revoked and Replaced OpenPGP Key

Shuffling Partitions on FreeBSD

I’ve recently moved my personal web sites to https://www.vultr.com/, using virtual machines instead of real hardware. (I’ve caught up to the 2000s, hurrah!) I didn’t track server utilization, so I provisioned the machines based on a vague gut feeling.

The web server started spewing signal 11s, occasionally taking down the site by killing mysql. Investigation . . . → Read More: Shuffling Partitions on FreeBSD