New novel out: “Immortal Clay”

Most of you follow me for nonfiction, but this book just came out, so I’m gonna tell you about it anyway.

My SF novel, Immortal Clay, just hit Kobo and Amazon. It’s in process at other outlets like Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and so on, and print is forthcoming.

I’d describe this book as an . . . → Read More: New novel out: “Immortal Clay”

I’m changing careers

My employer was just bought by another company. I find myself unemployed. This was not unexpected, so I’ve had time to think about what to do next.

I could have another IT job by three PM by picking up the phone and calling my friend Pam. If Pam was out of town, I’d call half . . . → Read More: I’m changing careers

New autobiography chapter: The Thumbs

Lots of people are sad today, it seemed a good time to put this up. And as I got yelled at by people the last time I didn’t mention this on the blog:

There’s a new autobiography chapter up.

Why am I writing an autobiography? I’m not. But these are stories I tell over and . . . → Read More: New autobiography chapter: The Thumbs

Google Play notes

A couple months ago, I put my Tilted Windmill Press books up on Google Play. I firmly believe that having your books widely available is a good thing. Google Play let me be DRM-free, and while their discounting system is a pain to work around, I’d like people to be able to get my books . . . → Read More: Google Play notes

Penguicon 2014 Schedule

“Hey, where is Lucas? Why hasn’t he posted lately?”

I’ve done nothing worth posting about. Most of this month I spent removing a per-millennial switch from the core of the network, which was painstaking and annoying but not noteworthy. I then spent nine days at a writing workshop, which was fascinating, educational, and utterly exhausting. . . . → Read More: Penguicon 2014 Schedule

Mailing Lists, featuring: me!

And now, for my newest low in narcissism.

I have mailing lists where I will announce new projects. If you want me to push information to you, rather than pull it from my blog/Twitter/whatever, go sign up.

2013 Failures and 2014 Goals

I set goals for 2013. And I failed to meet them. I promised three short nonfiction books, Absolute OpenBSD 2nd edition, and a novel. You got AO2e and two short nonfiction books, DNSSEC Mastery and Sudo Mastery.

While setting goals is important, exploring why you fail to meet those goals is just as important. Driving . . . → Read More: 2013 Failures and 2014 Goals

On asking me to write for you

[posted for later reference]

In the first eleven days of December 2013, I have received eight requests for me to write for a periodical such as a web site or a magazine. This is nice. I struggled for many years to get published. To have publishers knock on my door and ask for my work . . . → Read More: On asking me to write for you

Sudo Mastery off to copyeditor

I just shipped the tech-reviewed copy of Sudo Mastery off to the copyeditor. She’ll have it back to me in a few days, and the book will move into production immediately thereafter.

This means that the pre-order discount will expire soon. How soon is soon? It’s soon.

Now I’m off to work on one of . . . → Read More: Sudo Mastery off to copyeditor

EuroBSDCon, and Sudo Mastery

How’s that for diverse topics in one post?

I just got back from EuroBSDCon 2013 on Malta. The EuroBSDCon Foundation and Andre Opperman did a great job with the conference, and presented one of the best sets of talks and keynotes and related programs I’ve seen in years. It’s motivated me to try to improve . . . → Read More: EuroBSDCon, and Sudo Mastery