Mailing Lists, featuring: me!

And now, for my newest low in narcissism.

I have mailing lists where I will announce new projects. If you want me to push information to you, rather than pull it from my blog/Twitter/whatever, go sign up.

2013 Failures and 2014 Goals

I set goals for 2013. And I failed to meet them. I promised three short nonfiction books, Absolute OpenBSD 2nd edition, and a novel. You got AO2e and two short nonfiction books, DNSSEC Mastery and Sudo Mastery.

While setting goals is important, exploring why you fail to meet those goals is just as important. Driving . . . → Read More: 2013 Failures and 2014 Goals

On asking me to write for you

[posted for later reference]

In the first eleven days of December 2013, I have received eight requests for me to write for a periodical such as a web site or a magazine. This is nice. I struggled for many years to get published. To have publishers knock on my door and ask for my work . . . → Read More: On asking me to write for you

Sudo Mastery off to copyeditor

I just shipped the tech-reviewed copy of Sudo Mastery off to the copyeditor. She’ll have it back to me in a few days, and the book will move into production immediately thereafter.

This means that the pre-order discount will expire soon. How soon is soon? It’s soon.

Now I’m off to work on one of . . . → Read More: Sudo Mastery off to copyeditor

EuroBSDCon, and Sudo Mastery

How’s that for diverse topics in one post?

I just got back from EuroBSDCon 2013 on Malta. The EuroBSDCon Foundation and Andre Opperman did a great job with the conference, and presented one of the best sets of talks and keynotes and related programs I’ve seen in years. It’s motivated me to try to improve . . . → Read More: EuroBSDCon, and Sudo Mastery

“Sudo Mastery” tech reviewers wanted

Thursday night, I finished the first draft of Sudo Mastery. Today, I went through the manuscript, removed my known tics, discovered a few more tics that needed killing, cleaned up bits and pieces, and now have a work ready for technical review.

Which is where you lot come in. I’m looking for people with sudo . . . → Read More: “Sudo Mastery” tech reviewers wanted

First draft of “Sudo Mastery” complete

I just typed the last words of the first draft of Sudo Mastery.

The completed first draft is available for early purchasers. As it’s no longer an incomplete draft, I’ve raised the early purchase price to $8.99. That’s more than the really early buyers paid, but less than the final price. (Selling the early drafts . . . → Read More: First draft of “Sudo Mastery” complete

Book Review: The Practice of Network Security Monitoring

Most computer books are badly written. The information in the book is fine (usually, hopefully), but the actual craft of writing is poor. They read like computer programs. This isn’t surprising, as most computer books are written by computer professionals. By the time you’re good enough at a computing topic to write a book about . . . → Read More: Book Review: The Practice of Network Security Monitoring

next tech book: Sudo Mastery

Last weekend I amused myself by tweeting:

Stupid contest: give the title of the tech book I’ve just started writing. If correct, you get to make me a sandwich.

The answer is Sudo Mastery. Obviously. Although there were some amusing and hopeful alternative suggestions.

As with DNSSEC Mastery, I’m making the in-progress draft available for . . . → Read More: next tech book: Sudo Mastery

“DNSSEC Mastery” business numbers

When SSH Mastery came out, I published the initial sales figures and a followup a month later. The results of publishing one book is not really data, however. It’s one data point.

A second data point is also not data. But it’s twice as close to data as one data point.

Let’s compare and contrast . . . → Read More: “DNSSEC Mastery” business numbers