Get your name in the relayd book

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There’s a long tradition amongst science fiction writers of selling bit parts in books in exchange for charity donations. It’s called tuckerization.

I see no reason why science fiction writers should have all the fun.

I need a sample user . . . → Read More: Get your name in the relayd book

MWL’s 2016 wrap-up

The year-end post is an Internet tradition. Being naturally conservative, who am I to buck tradition?

It’s a couple days early, but I’m going to go out on a limb here: the list of people 2016 killed does not include me. Yet. (Dear 2016, this is not a challenge. I would not dream of questioning . . . → Read More: MWL’s 2016 wrap-up

Challenge bomb

I felt great on Monday. Did 2400 words in 3 1-hour sessions. Tuesday? My anniversary. I had more important things to do than write. Today, after packing for Ohio LinuxFest, I’m exhausted.

So: I made words, but I didn’t finish anything.

I’ll finish this piece next week, after the con. Completing a small something will . . . → Read More: Challenge bomb

I’ll be at Rust City Book Con

On 12-14 August, I’ll be in Troy, Michigan, at the first ever Rust City Book Con.

Actually, I’ll be there on the evening of the 11th, hanging out in the bar and practicing my socialization. (“Smile. You know, retract your lips to expose your teeth. No, no, not that far! Better. Hold out your hand–oof! . . . → Read More: I’ll be at Rust City Book Con

Why I refuse to join Kindle Unlimited

Lots of my self-pub writer friends urge me to sign on with Kindle Unlimited. They tell me I’ll make more money by making my books only available on Amazon.

They’re probably correct… in the short term.

But if you have only one customer, and only one sales channel, that sales channel can destroy yo without . . . → Read More: Why I refuse to join Kindle Unlimited

Penguicon 2016 Lucas Track Schedule

While the folks at Penguicon reserve the right to change the schedule at any time, we’re close enough to the con that I’m comfortable releasing my talks and panel schedule. This is extracted from the official Penguicon descriptions. and schedule.

Friday, 30 29 April:

6 PM – Social Media for Writers (panelist) – Hamlin What . . . → Read More: Penguicon 2016 Lucas Track Schedule

Sponsorships for “FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS”

I recently put up a post musing offering sponsorships for tech books. The reaction I got, both in blog comments and private email, was overwhelmingly positive.

And people are eagerly awaiting FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS, by Allan Jude and yours truly.

So, I’ve decided to try selling sponsorships for FM:AZ.

Ebook sponsors ($20) get their . . . → Read More: Sponsorships for “FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS”

BSDCan proposals and rejections

This year, BSDCan passed a critical threshold: we got too many good proposals. As a conference, this is an excellent problem to have. As a concom member, it kind of sucks. When your papers are mostly excellent, how do you decide which proposals to take and which to reject?

What follows is my highly personal . . . → Read More: BSDCan proposals and rejections

Word doc placed in Indesign gets numbered headings

This has bit me more than once, and according to Google it affects nobody else on the whole Internet. Do I feel special or what?

I write books in Microsoft Word, using Styles. Paragraph and character styles are essential for producing electronic and print books.

At random times, when I import a Word doc into . . . → Read More: Word doc placed in Indesign gets numbered headings

New novel out: “Immortal Clay”

Most of you follow me for nonfiction, but this book just came out, so I’m gonna tell you about it anyway.

My SF novel, Immortal Clay, just hit Kobo and Amazon. It’s in process at other outlets like Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and so on, and print is forthcoming.

I’d describe this book as an . . . → Read More: New novel out: “Immortal Clay”