Next Tech Book

Now that PAM Mastery is out, I’m starting work on my next project.

I’m taking a break from anything filesystem related. Yes, I want to do FreeBSD Mastery: Jails, but that involves a lot of filesystem stuff, so that goes on hold for a bit.

Instead, I’m starting a book on OpenBSD’s web stack. Between . . . → Read More: Next Tech Book

“PAM Mastery” out!

cue Movie Voice Over Voice

They thought they knew PAM. They were wrong…

My long-dreaded PAM book is now available, in both print and ebook.

You can grab it at all the usual suspects–I mean, bookstores.

The semibug PAM talk live tweet

On November 8 I’ll be at, giving a talk on how “PAM is Un-American.”

Last night, I gave an early version of the talk to the smaller, and not recorded, crowd.

Josh Grosse live-tweeted the event.

The actual talk will be recorded. And will have considerably less swearing. Because it’s being recorded.

And . . . → Read More: The semibug PAM talk live tweet

“PAM Mastery” ebook now out

Get it before it gets you. I’m still waiting for Apple to get the book up in iTunes, but it should be there within a day or two.

Print proofs are on their way to me. If they look OK, you’ll be able to get the book in print next week.

If you want both . . . → Read More: “PAM Mastery” ebook now out

This year’s anemic output

(This is a “blog it so I can refer folks to it later” post.)

Last year, I wrote 403,000 words. Not great, but not terrible.

So far this year, I’ve written 130,900 words. That is terrible.

I also seem to have passed an awareness threshold. In the last few months, I’ve been offered speaking and . . . → Read More: This year’s anemic output

“PAM Mastery” print layout done

I’ve been rolling this rock uphill so long, I’ve been feeling like Sisyphus. But “PAM Mastery” is finally copyedited and I’ve done the first print layout.

Next up? Indexing, cover finalization, and ebook production.


New novel, and a new novel bundle

So… er… I put a new novel out last month.

And totally forgot to blog it. Apparently, releasing a new book is now such a commonplace occurrence that even I don’t find it noteworthy.

Or maybe it’s just that my brain absorbs information as readily as a stainless steel sponge.


Anyway, Hydrogen Sleets is . . . → Read More: New novel, and a new novel bundle

See Me in 2016

I have two more public appearances in 2016.

October 7-8, I’ll be at Ohio LinuxFest. They’ve asked me to speak on Introducing ZFS.

November 8, has invited me to talk about PAM. This is election day in the United States, so the talk is on how PAM is Un-American.

Sadly, family commitments prevent me . . . → Read More: See Me in 2016

Cover reveal for “PAM Mastery”

For the first Tilted Windmill Press tech books, I elected to create covers from photographs. Some went over well, some less so.

For the FreeBSD Mastery books, I persuaded Eddie Sharam to create parodies of classic art. It’s far more expensive than photos, but reaction has been positive.

PAM Mastery is almost ready to go . . . → Read More: Cover reveal for “PAM Mastery”

Wherein the past haunts me, but in a good way

Back around 1992 (or so), I published a role-playing game called Gatecrasher. This was back in the day when RPGs were on paper, and used all sorts of weird dice.

In retrospect, Gatecrasher was a triumph of vision over skill. The main design goal was “use all the dice.” But if you wanted to . . . → Read More: Wherein the past haunts me, but in a good way