LibreSSL at BSDCan

Thanks to various airline problems, we had an open spot on the BSDCan schedule. Bob Beck filled in at the last moment with a talk on the first thirty days of LibreSSL. Here are some rough notes on Bob’s talk (slides now available).

LibreSSL forked from OpenSSL 1.0.1g.

Why did “we” let OpenSSL happen? Nobody . . . → Read More: LibreSSL at BSDCan

BSDCan keynote

Karl Lehenbauer, CTO of FlightAware, is giving an excellent BSDCan keynote: a retrospective of his BSD experience. As part of the mass of flight troubles plaguing North America this week, his flight to Ottawa was cancelled. He landed in Toronto at midnight last night.

I wouldn’t have blamed him for canceling the keynote.

Instead, he . . . → Read More: BSDCan keynote

FreeBSD devsummit notes: ports & packages

The ports and packages summit was a lot more discussion of options as opposed to the state of items and future plans. A very dynamic session, where each of the dozen or so scheduled speakers was more “moderator of the moment.” Plus, I staggered in half an hour late, because breakfast was really really good.

. . . → Read More: FreeBSD devsummit notes: ports & packages

FreeBSD devsummit virtualization session

Some notes from the FreeBSD virtualization devsummit. Very rough, but my understanding is very rough, so all is as it should be.

Bhyve moving to UEFI loader away from FreeBSD and grub2 • Fork of intel EDKII (BSD License), OVMF build target • For bhyve instead of Qemu • Includes CSM BIOS emulation for non-EFI . . . → Read More: FreeBSD devsummit virtualization session

FreeBSD 11 feature goals

I’m at the BSDCan FreeBSD devsummit, and the current topic is FreeBSD 11 Goals.

As the Great Committer John Baldwin has requested that people take notes and blog about the discussions, and this might be of wider interest, here’s the goals.

These are my notes. I probably missed things. I would be shocked if I . . . → Read More: FreeBSD 11 feature goals

Next week: BSDCan, with goats

BSDCan is next week. I will be there. You should too.

This year’s conference includes goats. For reasons too complicated and sordid for me to explain. If you really want to know, see here.

Goat BOF. Tuesday night. Royal Oak pub. Be there or be not one of the cool kids.

And as an afternote: . . . → Read More: Next week: BSDCan, with goats

My NSP ebooks, 50% off

Today is International Day Against DRM.

All No Starch Press ebooks are available at 50% off. The titles include:

Absolute OpenBSD Network Flow Analysis Cisco Routers for the Desperate (both editions, I’d recommend the 2nd) PGP & GPG Absolute FreeBSD

Plus books by other authors, of course. Once you’ve bought all of mine, check them . . . → Read More: My NSP ebooks, 50% off

Penguicon 2014 Schedule

“Hey, where is Lucas? Why hasn’t he posted lately?”

I’ve done nothing worth posting about. Most of this month I spent removing a per-millennial switch from the core of the network, which was painstaking and annoying but not noteworthy. I then spent nine days at a writing workshop, which was fascinating, educational, and utterly exhausting. . . . → Read More: Penguicon 2014 Schedule

Book Review: “Applied Network Security Monitoring”

Chris Sanders kindly sent me a review copy of Applied Network Security Monitoring, written by Sanders along with Jason Smith, David J Bianco, and Liam Randall. It’s a very solid work, with much to recommend it to IT people who either have been told to implement security monitoring or who think that they should.

Some . . . → Read More: Book Review: “Applied Network Security Monitoring”

The Con is a Lie

I hadn’t planned to post this, but enough people asked me that I feel obliged to explicitly state:

DetroitBSDCon is a joke. So is Oracle buying BSDCan. I did not play off of Dan’s posting: we planned it together, as well as the resulting fight on Twitter. (I must concede that Dan won the Twitter . . . → Read More: The Con is a Lie