“PAM is Un-American” talk now online

From my mug.org talk. You want more on PAM? Get my PAM book.

The Apocalypse, on Sale

Lots of apocalyptic news and feelings in the last couple days, and probably for a while to come. Why not trade one apocalypse for another?

My post-apocalypse SF 1novel Immortal Clay is on sale for the next few days. You can get the ebook for only $0.99.

Immortal Clay plays off of John Campbell’s classic . . . → Read More: The Apocalypse, on Sale

On the Election

I wanted to believe that we wouldn’t elect someone who advocates and empowers active hatred for women, blacks, latinos, and the poor.

I wanted to believe that we wouldn’t elect someone who declared that if he became President he’d have to do “unthinkable things” to “make America great again.”

I wanted to believe we wouldn’t . . . → Read More: On the Election

Ohio LinuxFest 2016 wrap-up

I spent last weekend at Ohio LinuxFest, present on ZFS and meeting readers. First, the obvious question: how did things go between a BSD Unix guy and a whole bunch of Linux fans?

It was kind of like visiting a parallel universe–the GNUniverse, if you will. And unlike Star Trek, that universe’s inhabitants are perfectly . . . → Read More: Ohio LinuxFest 2016 wrap-up

Challenge bomb

I felt great on Monday. Did 2400 words in 3 1-hour sessions. Tuesday? My anniversary. I had more important things to do than write. Today, after packing for Ohio LinuxFest, I’m exhausted.

So: I made words, but I didn’t finish anything.

I’ll finish this piece next week, after the con. Completing a small something will . . . → Read More: Challenge bomb

“PAM Mastery” print sponsor books

I have the first official batch of PAM Mastery print copies. Here’s the stack ready for the sponsors.

Why is one box bigger than the others? One sponsor, who shall remain nameless but let’s call him SJ, sponsored the book several times over. Sending him more than one book seems like the right thing . . . → Read More: “PAM Mastery” print sponsor books

My 3-day challenge for Oct 2016

The meds are starting to work. I’m feeling better. Not great. Not good. But better. Better enough that I should be making some words. And I’m having a terrible time making words. My writing discipline has collapsed this year, because I’ve been ill.

This happens to every writer–really, any self-employed person who works fully independently. . . . → Read More: My 3-day challenge for Oct 2016

Unlicensed Book Translations

I’ve had books translated into nine different languages. The rotating banner at the top of my blog shows some of them.

A reader pointed me at a translation that I wasn’t aware of: FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS in Russian. Unfortunately, the translator didn’t get rights to do so before translating it.

This is not the first . . . → Read More: Unlicensed Book Translations

Next Tech Book

Now that PAM Mastery is out, I’m starting work on my next project.

I’m taking a break from anything filesystem related. Yes, I want to do FreeBSD Mastery: Jails, but that involves a lot of filesystem stuff, so that goes on hold for a bit.

Instead, I’m starting a book on OpenBSD’s web stack. Between . . . → Read More: Next Tech Book

“PAM Mastery” out!

cue Movie Voice Over Voice

They thought they knew PAM. They were wrong…

My long-dreaded PAM book is now available, in both print and ebook.

You can grab it at all the usual suspects–I mean, bookstores.