SSH Mastery 2/e out

For the last week or so, the new edition of SSH Mastery has been leaking out.

It’s now available in print via Amazon, and in ebooks just about everywhere: iTunes, Kobo, my bookstore, and more.

The print version will soon be available through Ingram’s distribution as well, including a dust-jacketed hardcover version. That’s going to . . . → Read More: SSH Mastery 2/e out

Sponsoring a Scam

I’m writing a multi-Unix technology book that doesn’t have a title yet.

Well, okay, it has a title. But I’m not saying what it is. The reasons why will be obvious once the book comes out. It’ll be out before May.

#MWLSecretBook will be fairly short, about 15,000 words–about half the size of Sudo Mastery. . . . → Read More: Sponsoring a Scam

“SSH Mastery 2/e” copyedits back

My copyeditor returned the corrected manuscript for “SSH Mastery, 2nd Edition” to me last night. You should be able to buy the book within a few weeks.

In unrelated news, the first draft of #mwlSecretBook is coming along nicely. It’ll be the shortest Mastery book I’ve ever written, but at some horrific moment in your . . . → Read More: “SSH Mastery 2/e” copyedits back

Podcast Interview with Yours Truly

Season 2 Episode 7 of Chris Sanders‘ Source Code podcast features me. It’s a tech podcast, yes, but as Chris and I are both writers, we talk writing. Plus growing up in a farm town, reading, and the assorted unspeakable horrors of the literary life.

Chris not only donates his book royalties to the Rural . . . → Read More: Podcast Interview with Yours Truly

My ConFusion Schedule

I’m girding my loins, gritting my teeth, and leaving the house this weekend. Specifically, I’ll be attending ConFusion, one of Detroit’s major F&SF cons. If you’re attending and want to avoid me, here’s a few panels and events I’ll be participating in.

11am Saturday – Petoskey – Last Exit Before The Worst Timeline 12pm Saturday . . . → Read More: My ConFusion Schedule

MWL’s 2017 Wrap-Up

It’s that time again. Time to reflect on my myriad personal failures in 2017.

The obvious place to start is my 2016 wrap-up post, where I listed goals for 2017. As usual, these goals were wildly delusional.

The short answer is, my iron was back up to normal. My writing speed wasn’t, though. I’d lost . . . → Read More: MWL’s 2017 Wrap-Up

“SSH Mastery” 2nd ed tech reviewers wanted

Last night, I finished a first draft of the second edition of SSH Mastery. The book covers OpenSSH as a server and a client, and PuTTY as a client. There’s small updates throughout the book, plus some new topics–most notably, SSH certificates.

I’m looking for SSH mavens who’d be willing to review the manuscript before . . . → Read More: “SSH Mastery” 2nd ed tech reviewers wanted

The first AF3e preorders

This morning, Google alerted me to a reputable site mentioning “Absolute FreeBSD, 3rd Edition.”

To my shock, it’s a pre-order on Kobo.

[UPDATE: AF3e now has a web page, where I’ll be collecting pre-order links.]

I guess we have a release date now? And a price? Cool.

I expect other preorders to appear on other . . . → Read More: The first AF3e preorders

MS Word auto-recovery files and Dictation

Today, I learned about Microsoft Word auto-recovery files.

If Microsoft Word crashes and can’t auto-recover the document, find the autosave file. The location is given in File->Options->Save. Sort the directory by date, and your autosave should be at or near the top. The file name ends in .asd. Copy that file elsewhere and open it . . . → Read More: MS Word auto-recovery files and Dictation

“SSH Mastery, 2nd Ed” News, Sponsorships, and Cover

SSH Mastery has been my best-selling title since I published it in 2012.

SSH Mastery has been on a five year mission to find and eradicate passwords. SSH has changed in the last five years. SSHv1 is no more, except where it is. A whole bunch of crypto algorithms are no longer in use, except . . . → Read More: “SSH Mastery, 2nd Ed” News, Sponsorships, and Cover