My Penguicon 2018 Schedule

Putting everything together, this is what talks I’ll be in this year at Penguicon. All the slots are an hour long unless specified.


5 PM: LN2 Ice Cream 8 PM: The Internet Before the Web (panel)


9 AM: BSD Operating Systems in 2018 (talk) 10 AM: LN2 Purple Haze Ice Cream (2 hours) . . . → Read More: My Penguicon 2018 Schedule

Too Subtle for my Own Good

It turns out that part of my April Fool’s book release failed. More than one person has commented on the excoriating review of Ed Mastery posted on Dan Langille’s blog.

People missed the italicized text at the top:

Here’s a guest post by Michael W Lucas.

I wrote this review.

Of my own book.

. . . → Read More: Too Subtle for my Own Good

“Ed Mastery” follow-up

Yesterday I released #mwlSecretBook: Ed Mastery.

April first is the perfect day to release such a book. I wrote a nice release announcement and everything.

Now that April Fool’s is over I should probably say: this is a real book. It exists. You can buy it.

The Manly McManface edition? Yep, that exists. It is . . . → Read More: “Ed Mastery” follow-up

For 1 April: #mwlSecretBook reveal!

So, I wrote a book. And I didn’t tell people what it is.

The book is now out. You can buy it.

And it has an authentic, legit blurb from Ken Thompson, co-creator of Unix.

Explaining why I did it this way takes a little bit of context.


People have sent me all kinds . . . → Read More: For 1 April: #mwlSecretBook reveal!

On Sponsor Gifts

(Posted so I can refer to it later.)

Last week, Liz and I converted this:

into this:

Note the little stack of customs forms off to the side. It’s like I’ve learned a lesson from standing at the post office counter filling out those stupid forms. Sponsors should get their books soon.

This seems like . . . → Read More: On Sponsor Gifts

“SSH Mastery, 2nd ed” in hardcover

I’ve been publishing books for about a quarter century now. At long last, one of my books is out in hardcover. With a dust jacket and everything. Introducing the newest version of SSH Mastery.

Why produce this book in hardcover?

First, because I need to know how to do it. Self-pub hardcover books are . . . → Read More: “SSH Mastery, 2nd ed” in hardcover

speaking at 10 April 2018

On 10 April 2018, I’ll be giving speaking at Each MUG meeting has two presentations, one long and one short. Somehow, they’ve given me both of them.

My first, longer talk will be on ZFS, including some newer developments.

The second talk? I’m not saying.

The MUG talks coordinator, JM, agreed to let me . . . → Read More: speaking at 10 April 2018

SSH Mastery 2/e out

For the last week or so, the new edition of SSH Mastery has been leaking out.

It’s now available in print via Amazon, and in ebooks just about everywhere: iTunes, Kobo, my bookstore, and more.

The print version will soon be available through Ingram’s distribution as well, including a dust-jacketed hardcover version. That’s going to . . . → Read More: SSH Mastery 2/e out

Sponsoring a Scam

I’m writing a multi-Unix technology book that doesn’t have a title yet.

Well, okay, it has a title. But I’m not saying what it is. The reasons why will be obvious once the book comes out. It’ll be out before May.

#MWLSecretBook will be fairly short, about 15,000 words–about half the size of Sudo Mastery. . . . → Read More: Sponsoring a Scam

“SSH Mastery 2/e” copyedits back

My copyeditor returned the corrected manuscript for “SSH Mastery, 2nd Edition” to me last night. You should be able to buy the book within a few weeks.

In unrelated news, the first draft of #mwlSecretBook is coming along nicely. It’ll be the shortest Mastery book I’ve ever written, but at some horrific moment in your . . . → Read More: “SSH Mastery 2/e” copyedits back