“FreeBSD Mastery: Jails” Sponsorships, and writing schedule changes

I’ve been scurrying to finish git sync murder, the sequel to git commit murder, so I could have it at BSDCan.

This isn’t going to happen. If I’d been writing anything else it would have been done, but the numbers show that cozy mystery is not my natural form. Most of the time I top . . . → Read More: “FreeBSD Mastery: Jails” Sponsorships, and writing schedule changes

New talks, and the F-bomb

The video from my recent mug.org visit is now online. It’s my ZFS introduction, as well as a brief talk about Ed Mastery.

I had originally planned a talk about ed(1), but the ZFS talk went too long. (That first speaker was a real blabbermouth.) Instead, they asked me to talk about why the book . . . → Read More: New talks, and the F-bomb

The first AF3e preorders

This morning, Google alerted me to a reputable site mentioning “Absolute FreeBSD, 3rd Edition.”

To my shock, it’s a pre-order on Kobo.

[UPDATE: AF3e now has a web page, where I’ll be collecting pre-order links.]

I guess we have a release date now? And a price? Cool.

I expect other preorders to appear on other . . . → Read More: The first AF3e preorders

First draft of “Absolute FreeBSD, 3rd Edition” finished!

The first draft is complete at 220,000 words. It’s out for community tech review right now.

I’m sure I forgot bits here and there. But from here on out, all I have to do is take corrections from dozens and dozens of people.

AF3e status, 22 August 2017

Your irregular “Absolute FreeBSD” status report!

It’s at 123,700 words. 12 of 26 chapters exist as first drafts. (Yes, the last report said 7 of 24. I can’t count.) Two more chapters are partially done. One of those partially-done chapters, on “Pre-Install Considerations,” won’t be done until I finish the whole book. I keep going . . . → Read More: AF3e status, 22 August 2017

BSDCam Trip Report

The FreeBSD Foundation has posted my BSDCam trip report. I also want to sincerely thank the Foundation for helping defray my expenses.

Robert Watson runs an excellent event. And what I learned at BSDCam will appear through the new Absolute FreeBSD.

Speaking of which, I need to go make some words. Bye.

Contributing to FreeBSD

I’ve talked to a whole bunch of folks who say things like “I’m a junior programmer. I’m looking for a way to help. I have no specific expertise, but I’m willing to learn.” Today, I present such junior programmers with an opportunity. An opportunity for you to learn skills that will be incredibly valuable to . . . → Read More: Contributing to FreeBSD

AF3e Status, 17 July 2017

For those who are watching me write the third edition of “Absolute FreeBSD,” here’s where things stand.

It’s at 77,400 words. 7 of 24 chapters exist [edit: oops, typo, not “chapter sexist,” spellcheckers are useless] as first drafts. Three more chapters are partially finished.

The current outline looks like this. Chapter titles subject to change. . . . → Read More: AF3e Status, 17 July 2017

“Absolute FreeBSD 3rd Edition” update

I’d like to have the third edition of Absolute FreeBSD in print by May 2018, for BSDCan. After discussions with No Starch Press, to make that happen I must complete the first draft before November 2017.

That’s four months.

To complicate things further, in those four months I have four weeks of traveling: BSDCam, EuroBSDCon, . . . → Read More: “Absolute FreeBSD 3rd Edition” update

BSDCan 2017 Auction Swag

BSDCan ends each year with a charity auction. This year is no exception.

I’ll be bringing some unique items for the auction. First, a few things made by my wife. We’ll have a Relayd & Httpd Mastery keychain.

A FreeBSD church key. Yes, she made all the beads. They’re real glass. This is probably . . . → Read More: BSDCan 2017 Auction Swag