My ConFusion Schedule

I’m girding my loins, gritting my teeth, and leaving the house this weekend. Specifically, I’ll be attending ConFusion, one of Detroit’s major F&SF cons. If you’re attending and want to avoid me, here’s a few panels and events I’ll be participating in.

11am Saturday – Petoskey – Last Exit Before The Worst Timeline 12pm Saturday . . . → Read More: My ConFusion Schedule

MWL’s 2017 Wrap-Up

It’s that time again. Time to reflect on my myriad personal failures in 2017.

The obvious place to start is my 2016 wrap-up post, where I listed goals for 2017. As usual, these goals were wildly delusional.

The short answer is, my iron was back up to normal. My writing speed wasn’t, though. I’d lost . . . → Read More: MWL’s 2017 Wrap-Up

Conferences and Traveling

If you want to ask me to come talk at your con, event, or show, that’s cool. I like to meet my readers. Here are things I consider when you ask me to show up and talk. This stuff only applies if you ask me to come as a speaker: if I decide to come . . . → Read More: Conferences and Traveling

Web Presence Redesign

Sometimes success is a problem. I should be glad I’ve hit this point. Instead, I’m annoyed at having to take time off from productive work to shuffle web sites. I only want to do this once, so I’m presenting my plan here. My readers are perhaps the most highly qualified people in the world to . . . → Read More: Web Presence Redesign

Penguicon 2017 Schedule

Next weekend, April 28-30 2017, I’ll be at Penguicon. Two weekends after that (12-14 May), I’ll be at Kansas LinuxFest. But we’re on Penguicon right now.

Here’s my events and the description for each. Each is 1 hour unless specified otherwise. And I’m asking your help for some of these events. (Updated to add the . . . → Read More: Penguicon 2017 Schedule

“And then the murders began.”

A whole bunch of people have pointed me at articles like this one, which claim that you can improve almost any book by making the second sentence “And then the murders began.”

It’s entirely possible they’re correct. But let’s check, with a sampling of books. As different books come in different tenses and have different . . . → Read More: “And then the murders began.”

My face on the wall

I gave a talk at the Troy Public Library on Monday night. It went well: great audience, lots of questions. To my surprise, they had a poster announcing the talk. Like I’m a draw or something.

Librarian Cathy was kind enough to take my picture with it. The poster is great.

What’s that on . . . → Read More: My face on the wall

Kansas LinuxFest 2017

I’ll be talking at Kansas LinuxFest on May 13-14 2017.

It’s an organized sort of talking, not just my usual disconnected babble. Probably on PAM and sudo.

2017 presentation proposals

I have my usual two annual events that I speak at coming up: BSDCan and Penguicon. I have ideas on what to submit, but thought I’d see if anyone had something they’d like me to present. Things that I can present, that is.

For BSDCan, I’m pondering between a talk on OpenBSD’s web stack (httpd, . . . → Read More: 2017 presentation proposals

A Christmas Wish (List) Gone Wrong

My wife’s family are nice people. They’ve kind of gotten used to me hanging around. It’s been over a quarter century, I guess you can eventually get used to anything.

My sister-in-law, DR, and her family always get me a gift at Christmas. It’s usually something practical and clearly well-intended, if not something I’d pick . . . → Read More: A Christmas Wish (List) Gone Wrong