“SSH Mastery, 2nd ed” in hardcover

I’ve been publishing books for about a quarter century now. At long last, one of my books is out in hardcover. With a dust jacket and everything. Introducing the newest version of SSH Mastery.

Why produce this book in hardcover?

First, because I need to know how to do it. Self-pub hardcover books are . . . → Read More: “SSH Mastery, 2nd ed” in hardcover

Podcast Interview with Yours Truly

Season 2 Episode 7 of Chris Sanders‘ Source Code podcast features me. It’s a tech podcast, yes, but as Chris and I are both writers, we talk writing. Plus growing up in a farm town, reading, and the assorted unspeakable horrors of the literary life.

Chris not only donates his book royalties to the Rural . . . → Read More: Podcast Interview with Yours Truly

MWL’s 2017 Wrap-Up

It’s that time again. Time to reflect on my myriad personal failures in 2017.

The obvious place to start is my 2016 wrap-up post, where I listed goals for 2017. As usual, these goals were wildly delusional.

The short answer is, my iron was back up to normal. My writing speed wasn’t, though. I’d lost . . . → Read More: MWL’s 2017 Wrap-Up

“SSH Mastery” 2nd ed tech reviewers wanted

Last night, I finished a first draft of the second edition of SSH Mastery. The book covers OpenSSH as a server and a client, and PuTTY as a client. There’s small updates throughout the book, plus some new topics–most notably, SSH certificates.

I’m looking for SSH mavens who’d be willing to review the manuscript before . . . → Read More: “SSH Mastery” 2nd ed tech reviewers wanted

MS Word auto-recovery files and Dictation

Today, I learned about Microsoft Word auto-recovery files.

If Microsoft Word crashes and can’t auto-recover the document, find the autosave file. The location is given in File->Options->Save. Sort the directory by date, and your autosave should be at or near the top. The file name ends in .asd. Copy that file elsewhere and open it . . . → Read More: MS Word auto-recovery files and Dictation

I have a Patreon now

I’ve done it. I’ve sold out. I’ve joined the trendy hip crowd.

By popular demand, I now have a Patreon.

Why announce this now? Well, I’ve finished the intensive work on the third edition of Absolute FreeBSD. I won’t have the rights to distribute electronic versions of AF3e to patrons. (Why? Remember, authors don’t sell . . . → Read More: I have a Patreon now

Self-Imposed Split Personality

Pardon the long post, but this might both save me some time and help other authors in a similar position. (I’m not aware of any others in my position, but I’m sure they exist.) Also, I try to make data-driven decisions rather than jumping on the Latest Bandwagon, which is notoriously difficult in a business . . . → Read More: Self-Imposed Split Personality

Penguicon 2017 Schedule

Next weekend, April 28-30 2017, I’ll be at Penguicon. Two weekends after that (12-14 May), I’ll be at Kansas LinuxFest. But we’re on Penguicon right now.

Here’s my events and the description for each. Each is 1 hour unless specified otherwise. And I’m asking your help for some of these events. (Updated to add the . . . → Read More: Penguicon 2017 Schedule

At the GP Central Library 11 March 2017

Libraries are starting to like me. Which is cool, because I like them.

Next Monday night I’ll be talking at the Troy Public Library on High Performance Nonfiction–basically, how I write books. See, I’m on the library’s calendar and everything!

Then on Saturday, 11 March 2017, I’ll be at the Central Branch of the Grosse . . . → Read More: At the GP Central Library 11 March 2017

I’ll be at the Troy Public Library

I’ll be at the Troy Public Library on 27 February, at 7 PM, giving a new talk on writing High Performance Nonfiction. If you want to know how I write my books, come find out.

Please register beforehand at the event site.

I’ve thought of writing a book on writing readable nonfiction for a few . . . → Read More: I’ll be at the Troy Public Library