Leveling Up

For those who can’t be bothered with long posts, here’s the short version:

My novel Immortal Clay is now featured as part of Kris Rusch’s Fear Bundle on Storybundle, one of the major book bundling sites. You can grab my novel, as well as thrilling and scary books from authors like Dean Wesley Smith, Leah . . . → Read More: Leveling Up

I have a Patreon now

I’ve done it. I’ve sold out. I’ve joined the trendy hip crowd.

By popular demand, I now have a Patreon.

Why announce this now? Well, I’ve finished the intensive work on the third edition of Absolute FreeBSD. I won’t have the rights to distribute electronic versions of AF3e to patrons. (Why? Remember, authors don’t sell . . . → Read More: I have a Patreon now

First draft of “Absolute FreeBSD, 3rd Edition” finished!

The first draft is complete at 220,000 words. It’s out for community tech review right now.

I’m sure I forgot bits here and there. But from here on out, all I have to do is take corrections from dozens and dozens of people.

New story: Savaged by Systemd

Yesterday, I put a short story up as an ebook. This was a wild experiment that I wrote on a whim.

When I say “wild experiment,” I don’t mean I decided to play with tenses and point of view. No, I decided to spend one day writing a lunatic piece, something that I’ve never written . . . → Read More: New story: Savaged by Systemd

AF3e status, 22 August 2017

Your irregular “Absolute FreeBSD” status report!

It’s at 123,700 words. 12 of 26 chapters exist as first drafts. (Yes, the last report said 7 of 24. I can’t count.) Two more chapters are partially done. One of those partially-done chapters, on “Pre-Install Considerations,” won’t be done until I finish the whole book. I keep going . . . → Read More: AF3e status, 22 August 2017

BSDCam Trip Report

The FreeBSD Foundation has posted my BSDCam trip report. I also want to sincerely thank the Foundation for helping defray my expenses.

Robert Watson runs an excellent event. And what I learned at BSDCam will appear through the new Absolute FreeBSD.

Speaking of which, I need to go make some words. Bye.

Contributing to FreeBSD

I’ve talked to a whole bunch of folks who say things like “I’m a junior programmer. I’m looking for a way to help. I have no specific expertise, but I’m willing to learn.” Today, I present such junior programmers with an opportunity. An opportunity for you to learn skills that will be incredibly valuable to . . . → Read More: Contributing to FreeBSD

First-ever interview with me, the novelist

I’ve been interviewed as a tech author many times, given numerous talks, and in general made a nuisance of myself in all available media.

For the first time ever, though, I’ve been interviewed as a novelist. It’s because I’m part of the Sci-Fi July bundle, where you can get 11 action/adventure SF novels for $9.99.

. . . → Read More: First-ever interview with me, the novelist

AF3e Status, 17 July 2017

For those who are watching me write the third edition of “Absolute FreeBSD,” here’s where things stand.

It’s at 77,400 words. 7 of 24 chapters exist [edit: oops, typo, not “chapter sexist,” spellcheckers are useless] as first drafts. Three more chapters are partially finished.

The current outline looks like this. Chapter titles subject to change. . . . → Read More: AF3e Status, 17 July 2017

Get My Books Cheap

A novel and a story, at least.

I was recently invited into two different book bundles, where you can get a whole bunch of books by different authors at a cheap price. A bundle is pretty much a sampler pack of similar stuff.

If you’ve read my fiction and liked it, here’s your chance to . . . → Read More: Get My Books Cheap