speaking at mug.org 10 April 2018

On 10 April 2018, I’ll be giving speaking at mug.org. Each MUG meeting has two presentations, one long and one short. Somehow, they’ve given me both of them.

My first, longer talk will be on ZFS, including some newer developments.

The second talk? I’m not saying.

The MUG talks coordinator, JM, agreed to let me . . . → Read More: speaking at mug.org 10 April 2018

SSH Mastery 2/e out

For the last week or so, the new edition of SSH Mastery has been leaking out.

It’s now available in print via Amazon, and in ebooks just about everywhere: iTunes, Kobo, my bookstore, and more.

The print version will soon be available through Ingram’s distribution as well, including a dust-jacketed hardcover version. That’s going to . . . → Read More: SSH Mastery 2/e out

Sponsoring a Scam

I’m writing a multi-Unix technology book that doesn’t have a title yet.

Well, okay, it has a title. But I’m not saying what it is. The reasons why will be obvious once the book comes out. It’ll be out before May.

#MWLSecretBook will be fairly short, about 15,000 words–about half the size of Sudo Mastery. . . . → Read More: Sponsoring a Scam

“SSH Mastery 2/e” copyedits back

My copyeditor returned the corrected manuscript for “SSH Mastery, 2nd Edition” to me last night. You should be able to buy the book within a few weeks.

In unrelated news, the first draft of #mwlSecretBook is coming along nicely. It’ll be the shortest Mastery book I’ve ever written, but at some horrific moment in your . . . → Read More: “SSH Mastery 2/e” copyedits back

Podcast Interview with Yours Truly

Season 2 Episode 7 of Chris Sanders‘ Source Code podcast features me. It’s a tech podcast, yes, but as Chris and I are both writers, we talk writing. Plus growing up in a farm town, reading, and the assorted unspeakable horrors of the literary life.

Chris not only donates his book royalties to the Rural . . . → Read More: Podcast Interview with Yours Truly

My ConFusion Schedule

I’m girding my loins, gritting my teeth, and leaving the house this weekend. Specifically, I’ll be attending ConFusion, one of Detroit’s major F&SF cons. If you’re attending and want to avoid me, here’s a few panels and events I’ll be participating in.

11am Saturday – Petoskey – Last Exit Before The Worst Timeline 12pm Saturday . . . → Read More: My ConFusion Schedule

MWL’s 2017 Wrap-Up

It’s that time again. Time to reflect on my myriad personal failures in 2017.

The obvious place to start is my 2016 wrap-up post, where I listed goals for 2017. As usual, these goals were wildly delusional.

The short answer is, my iron was back up to normal. My writing speed wasn’t, though. I’d lost . . . → Read More: MWL’s 2017 Wrap-Up

“SSH Mastery” 2nd ed tech reviewers wanted

Last night, I finished a first draft of the second edition of SSH Mastery. The book covers OpenSSH as a server and a client, and PuTTY as a client. There’s small updates throughout the book, plus some new topics–most notably, SSH certificates.

I’m looking for SSH mavens who’d be willing to review the manuscript before . . . → Read More: “SSH Mastery” 2nd ed tech reviewers wanted

The first AF3e preorders

This morning, Google alerted me to a reputable site mentioning “Absolute FreeBSD, 3rd Edition.”

To my shock, it’s a pre-order on Kobo.

[UPDATE: AF3e now has a web page, where I’ll be collecting pre-order links.]

I guess we have a release date now? And a price? Cool.

I expect other preorders to appear on other . . . → Read More: The first AF3e preorders

MS Word auto-recovery files and Dictation

Today, I learned about Microsoft Word auto-recovery files.

If Microsoft Word crashes and can’t auto-recover the document, find the autosave file. The location is given in File->Options->Save. Sort the directory by date, and your autosave should be at or near the top. The file name ends in .asd. Copy that file elsewhere and open it . . . → Read More: MS Word auto-recovery files and Dictation